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When We Limit the Minds of Our Employees
Posted by:admin, February - 19 - 2014

There are three basic ways we either inhibit or expand an incredibly rich, fertile resource for our companies: employee thinking.

1. We limit them to what we are thinking. In other words, we get into the weeds. We micro manage. We over control.

2. We limit them to what they think we are thinking. Intimidation is by far the most popular management style because it is so easy. In other words, “I have your job in my hand.” Management by intimidation is implied. If we are not straightforward, we are keeping our employees guessing resulting in fear, intimidation. If they only hear from us when we correct them, they lose confidence in their own thinking and start leaning on our thinking only.

3. We enjoy abundant mental powers, far beyond the limitations of our own minds!  When we inspire the very best in others, we get way more than our single brain can produce.  Inventive thinking can come from the most unlikely places when everyone is encouraged to believe their contributions are valued. Hierarchy does not give anyone the right to be “more right” as it relates to contributing ideas for improvements. No idea is a bad idea. Ideas don’t have to be used. They just have to be heard. Employees are fired up when they get random and consistent feedback about good performance through the year. They love to know that they can speak up. They will be heard with mutual respect. When they get off track, they need to hear more “we are in this together” than “you screwed up.” Corrective feedback can be quite inspiring if done well.

Harness the powerful asset right in front of you…your employee minds!




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