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Meshell R. Baker
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  • I have the distinct pleasure of knowing and working with Victoria for several years now. Victoria exudes professionalism and is one of the most caring people I have had the pleasure to know.

  • Victoria is an incredible catalyst through directed change and business success. Her extensive experience and knowledge are phenomenal assets in her unique ability to size up circumstances and

  • Working with Victoria exposed my business to its highest potential for profitability and working sustainability. She zeroes in on what is working and what is folly.

  • Victoria possesses a rare, authentic, and laser-like clarity in reading motives, desires and missing pieces in a leader’s outlook. You’ll wonder if she can read minds.

  • I highly recommend Victoria Winburne. She has an amazing talent to inspire leaders using out-of-the-box thinking. Victoria empowers you, advocates for your aspirations, stays with you,

  • Victoria Winburne studied at World Coach Institute, at which I served as one of her Instructors.I found her to be skillful and innately sensitive in her ability to Coach both within her niche and outside of it.

  • Victoria Winburne is a seasoned business coach with the experience and passion to get you real results. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Victoria for my first session

  • Victoria knows how to go from high-level strategizing to grass roots application quickly. She does not just focus on revenue. She also focuses on profits and return on investment.

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