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Meshell R. Baker
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  • My entire management team worked with Victoria Winburne, and we created fantastic results! Here’s a short summary of our specific issue and how Victoria worked with us for a solution:

  • Business coaching is like going to the gym for me, a challenge to prioritize it in my busy schedule, but after I go I feel great and my work improves. I engage regularly so that I sustain my focus

  • Victoria has been essential to my sanity and to developing the skills needed to succeed as Operations Manager for Goshawk during a period of fast growth. Victoria mapped a plan for the company’s success,

  • As a small business owner, it’s very difficult to set aside the time, energy and financial resources for anything outside of my day-to-day business operations and directly servicing my clients.

  • Victoria is a wonderful and caring person which is what makes her such a great business coach. She truly cares about you and wants you to succeed and you feel that every time you talk to her.

  • Victoria is a brilliant strategist and coach. She has provided so much insight into my business and has greatly assisted me in narrowing my focus,

  • Victoria has the capacity and vision to clearly understand and fully comprehend critical mission elements of an organization; she applies her expertise

  • I worked with Victoria as she developed her life-changing Founder CEOs company. She stood out to me. Not only was she a person who seemed to have a solution to nearly any issue,

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