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Employee Diamonds in the Sand
Posted by:admin, January - 20 - 2013

One time I had an actor on the marketing staff who I inherited from a former manager. Although very popular and respected in the firm, he was not credentialed or experienced

, so I wasn’t really sure what to do.

I sat back and simply asked him one day, “If you could waive a magic wand and paint the picture of your ideal life’s work one day, what would it be?” He said he dreamed of being a writer.

A writer?

Now, it just so happened we needed a technical writer. I asked him if he wanted to train and apprentice as a marketing technical writer, and he eagerly embraced the idea. Years later, he is one of the best writers I know.

Sometimes there is real potential in those who don’t have the advantages of pedigreed resumes or years of experience. Like founders, there are people who walk to the beat of their own drummer, willing to take risks, willing to do whatever it takes…find them.  They will knock themselves out to make your dreams come true as they make their own come true, sparked by your encouragement.

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